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  Train clock & new arrivals
musical 1 day birds & leafs

1 day 14 inch musical cuckoo clock. Plays 2 songs and features night shutoff and musical dancers.

$279.00  $259.00
musical rooster clock

16 inch 1 day musical cuckoo clock, featuring swiss musical movement, playing Edelweis and Happy wanderer.Clock also features moving chickens, wooden dial and handpainted carvings.

1 day clock with Hummel figurines

Beautifully crafted 1 day 15 inch musical cuckoo clock with genuine porelain Hummel figurines (original boxes included).

New Train clock

This 15 inch cuckoo clock by Hubert Herr features a moving train (based on the Black Forest Train). Hubert Herr is the only clockmaker, who features a clock with a moving train. Clock has a 1 day movement, a swiss music box playing Edelweis and Happy wanderer, wooden hands and dial, wooden cuckoo bird and nightshutoff.

19 inch 8 day

Beautifully carved 8 day cuckoo clock with very detailed leaf & bird design. Clock features nightshutoff, wooden dial, musical dancers and swiss musical movement playing Edelweis and Happy wanderer.

8 day bears and owls

8 day 18 inch musical cuckoo clock with extra deep carving

moving dog & cat

Cute 1 day 11 inch clock with moving dog, and black cat coming out the chimney. Many detailed and handpainted carvings, wooden dial and night shutoff.

$299.00  $279.00
Still available

1 day musical chalet, with moving beerdrinkers and dancers. To see a video of the clock, follow the link on top of this description to see it in the store. There you will see 2 links for the 2 different songs you can hear and see.

$539.00  $499.00